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The revolutionary organic fertilizer that improves plant and soil health.


Soileos is a new kind of “smart” fertilizer that gives your crops exactly what they need, when they need it.

Soileos is a soil-applied granular micronutrient that won’t tie-up in your soil or leach away before your plants can access it, which makes it the best choice for meeting your crop’s micronutrient needs. 

Our patented technology uses the soil’s natural biological activity to release nutrients to the plants as required, instead of simply releasing them all at once as other fertilizers do.   

The benefits of Soileos

Soileos offers growers the following benefits

Bigger, Better Plants

Thanks to better soil quality and improved delivery of micronutrients, Soileos can significantly increase the size and quality of your crops. 

Extensive trials conducted with lettuce, broccoli, and lentils found that Soileos increased crop yield by 20% — and even more

Healthier Food

Increased nutrient uptake results in vegetables that look and taste better. Plants grown with the help of Soileos offers improved flavor and better aroma.

Better nutrient uptake also provides more nutritious food. Soileos can increase the micronutrient density of iron, zinc, and manganese by over 50%.


Soileos is the only micronutrient fertilizer that doesn’t leach or tie up in the soil. Soileos’s patented technology ensures that nutrients are bound to upcycled cellulose to stay in the soil, ready to be absorbed by plant roots.

Soileos also adds to your soil’s carbon bank account and contributes to overall soil health.

Works in Any Soil.

Soileos is effective in all types of soils and potting mixes. It works well in soil that is cold and wet at the time of seeding.

Unlike other fertilizers, Soileos even offers great performance in high-alkaline soils with a pH of 10.  

Friendly to the Environment.

Soileos has been designed to help ensure the sustainability and long-term success of modern farming practices.  

Soileos is carbon neutral and EDTA-free, and does not leach or create run-off pollution.

Safe and Easy to Use

Soileos is 100% organic and completely safe to use. 

Soileos is also dust-free and odorless, and its cellulose coating protects plants from phytotoxicity, so overdosing won’t burn or otherwise harm plants.

Add the Micronutrients
Your Plants Need.

Soileos can provide your soil with the following essential metals.


  • Zinc activates enzymes that are needed for protein synthesis and hormone regulation. 
  • It assists with the formation of chlorophyll and carbohydrates, and the conversion of starches into sugars.
  • In the early stages of growth, zinc helps with the formation of roots, which increases a plant’s ability to take up water and nutrients.
  • Zinc assists in making plants more resistant to cold weather. 


  • Manganese is necessary for the proper functioning of photosynthesis, nitrogen assimilation, and respiration. 
  • It assists with processes like pollen tube growth, pollen germination, and root cell elongation.
  • Manganese helps plants resist root pathogens.
  • Without enough Manganese, plants struggle to absorb light and grow effectively.
  • In warm and dry soil less water results in less Manganese being taken up.


  • Iron is crucial for the formation of chlorophyll, which allows the plant to get oxygen and develop a healthy green color.
  • Iron helps to reduce nitrate and sulfate levels in plants.
  • Iron is needed for several enzyme functions.
  • An iron deficiency (chlorosis) results in plants with yellow leaves. Alkaline soil (or soil with too much lime) is very often deficient in iron.

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